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Successful Due Diligence = Closing the Deal

You've received the term sheet and now its time to conduct due diligence.  The potential buyer or investor will provide you with a detailed checklist of items they want to review.  They expect a detailed response, full and accurate disclosure, and fast turnaround.  You must pass due diligence in order to close the deal.  How do you do it?

Due Diligence Preparation is the Key to Success

Preparing for due diligence is the most effective way to close the deal.  NUMBERSETC, LLC has its own checklist and can review your company's readiness for due diligence.  Once it is underway, we manage the process:

  • Agree upon the due diligence checklist
  • Create a due diligence project plan using Cloud technology and enable access to all team members for file sharing and more
  • Create a system to organize documents and responses
  • Create an online document management system to digitize and share information using Egnyte secure cloud technology
  • Identify gaps and assist in preparing responses to rectify them
  • Prepare certain financial schedules and exhibits

We communicate with you throughout the entire process so you know how the process is going and can conduct negotiations with confidence.

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